Cataract Extraction Operations

contract operation 1The Zamzam Foundation and our partners conduct cataract extraction operations each year and restore sight to thousands of people who have become blind or are at risk of becoming blind. Between August 2008 and January 2010, the Zamzam Foundation in collaboration with the I.H.H. Turkey has organized and sucessfully accomplished the following operations: cataract, trabelectormy, combined surgery, evisaration, entropies, and corneal repairing surgery in Adado, Alleybaday, Baidowa, Beled Weyne, Berbera, Borama, Buhodle, Bulo Burtue, Bulo Hawa, Bulo Marer, Buroa, Eerigabo, Gebiley, Hargeisa, Hudur, Jowhar, Las Anod, Mogadishu, Qardho, Sheikh, and Wanlaweyn of Somalia, directly benefiting well over 10,000 patients from poor families. Over 250 community members from all these locations have volunteered to assist and the number of total beneficiaries from the eye care service are estimated to be more than 36,000 individuals.

The main achievements of the Zamzam Foundation in the field of health care include:

- The Construction of Arafat hospital (a model hospital in Mogadishu)
- The establishment and operation of Osob Clinic in Mogadishu,
- The establishment and operation of the Zamzam MCHs in Mogadishu, Warshiekh , Jameo and Gololey near Jowhar

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