Qurbani Meat

At the end of the pilgrimage (Hajj) rituals each individual is obligated to sacrifice an animal and donate its meat to the poor and neighbors. Thousands of people send their donations to countries and communities where poor families and vulnerable populations are found. Many families in the Western countries also delegate the Zamzam Foundation for their Qurbani Meat Charity. Many poor Somalis get access to meat meals during these celebration holidays. Each year, thousands of animals are sacrificed on behalf of people who delegate the Zamzam Foundation-Somalia to fulfill this duty. As usual, Zamzam Foundation distributes accordingly in various vulnerable communities and poor neighborhoods in all around Somalia.

Let your Charity be more beneficial to you by reaching out to the vulnerable and the poor. Contact Zamzam Foundation-Somalia to arrange these charities. Donate, as Charity begins at home.

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Donate Now!