The Zamzam Foundation-Somalia at the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), Istanbul, Turkey, June 2016.

WHS Logo“The world is at a critical juncture. We are witnessing the highest level of human suffering since the Second World War. Nearly 60 million people, half of them children, have been forced from their homes due to conflict and violence” (UN-WHS). On June 23-24, 2016, the first-ever humanitarian summit and exhibition forum was held in Istanbul, Turkey. The Zamzam Foundation was the only Somali NGO privileged to exhibit 24 years of humanitarian and development services in Somalia. The WHS brought together the largest number of INGOs, humanitarian actors, governments; people affected by humanitarian crises and the private sector under one roof in one the largest humanitarian summits.


Figure 1- The United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon & Director General of Zamzam Foundation, Shuaib Abdullatif Bashir - 24 May 2016 (WHS)

The Zamzam Foundation seized the opportunity to meet the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who visited the Zamzam Foundation booth to exchange humanitarian challenges and development opportunities for Somalia. The Zamzam Foundation and our partners are determined to address the humanitarian and development challenges of Somalia including re-integration of IDPs, refugee and immigrant returnees. The Zamzam Foundation is hoping to participate in the upcoming UN Assembly and to addressing some of the many challenges of the Somali IDPs, refugees and migrant returnees and by providing some solutions in the permanent and sustainable settlement proposals.



Feeding Centers

feeding center 1The Zamzam Foundation has over 24 years experience in organizing emergency feeding centers. The logistical capacity and experience of Zamzam Foundation allows us to always reach the most vulnerable and the weakest. During humanitarian and emergency crisis, the Zamzam Foundation, as the local implementing agency collaborates with INGOs to effectively channel and disseminate much needed food and non-food-items including; dry foods, shelters, clothing and highly nutritious foods to the affected populations and children.

Renovate Old and Abandoned Schools

The educational system of Somalia was completely destroyed after the collapse of the Somali central government in 1991. The Zamzam Foundation believes that promoting education is one of the most important means to overcome and fight ignorance and poverty. With this in mind, the Zamzam Foundation continues to renovate old and abandoned schools, build new schools and operate/manage schools, cultural centers and institutions. Because of our work, tens of thousands of children are able to attend these schools in various regions of Somalia.



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