New Threats Facing Somali Refugees & Migrants Settlement (September 2016)

Large Movement of Refugee MigratnsThe Zamzam Foundation-Somalia is deeply concerned about the proposed closure of the world’s largest refugee camp in Kenya, the Dadaab Refugee Camps. It will be the largest refugee movement in modern history to take place in Somalia.

Are we prepared for large refugees returnees? According to CSOs and high-level stakeholders urge that the “World leaders must step up efforts to conclude robust & principled deal for refugees and migrants. The UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants, this 19th September, has been called to tackle one of the greatest global challenges of our age: to protect and assist millions of people on the move in search of safety and dignity”. The UN, INGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), led by The UN-NGLS, are discussing ways in which to address the welfare and the wellbeing of the millions refugees and migrants around the world during the “United Nations Summit For REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS, which is taking place in the UN-HQ in New York (Sept 19, 2016).

United Nations Headquarters New York New York CityThe Zamzam Foundation; in the Int’l Arena: For the last few months, the Zamzam Foundation has been actively involved in the high-level stakeholder discussions in addressing the large movements of refugees and migrants. As the nation is preparing for socio-political and economic recovery, it is essential to address urban and semi-urban development requirements of affordable and low-cost housing. With this in mind, the Zamzam Foundation-Somalia has proposed to major development organizations to play their role in collaboration with local NGOs, in help mobilizing the settlements of large refugees, migrants and host communities. The Zamzam Foundation-Somalia has established the necessary foundations required for both the development of social housing and the “employable skill training for the Somali Youth”.


Closure of Dadaab means new waves of Somali refugees:

dabaab refuge camp


The Somali refugees returning from Dadaab and other refugee camps will be facing more challenges than imagined if not holistically approached the multifaceted settlement needs of the returning refugees and the host communities. The Zamzam Foundation-Somalia is focusing on the following propositions as a part of the sustainable solution, which must be addressed aggressively:


1) An affordable and low-cost housing – not another temporary shelter – with renewable energy efficiency.

2) Youth employment / vocational training (employable skills training and Transfer of technology.

youth training


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