Drinking Water

The importance of water for humans and life ?
The lifeblood of the water and strong which is necessary to sustain life and otherwise it becomes impossible for life on Earth , so God says in the Koran , " We made from water every living thing do you not believe in ." Without life, life does not last long.

Water problem in Somalia?
Somalia is suffering a severe crisis of drinking water as most of the population in the villages and cities of the Somali Aeetmknun to get clean, drinkable water. Somalia is among the most affected African countries of drinking water .

The reality of the wells in Somalia:
Before the collapse of the Somali government in 1991, there was a sizeable effort by the CIA waters of Somalia in this area, where he contributed to, despite their circumstances in relieving part of its water needs, but it is the collapse of the state stopped the modest efforts as it has been demolished or sabotage what has been accomplished.

Over time Amid the chaos and the absence of the state was the clean water crisis is worsening day after day, where there were not remembered for the drilling of new wells - boreholes and shallow "reel and handpumps efforts" - or repair the disruption of the wells and on this the Zamzam Foundation and cooperation with charitable bodies in Islamic world has been able with God's help and grace of drilling various types of wells and repair of other types after their crashes.


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