Conflict Transformation & Peace Building

peace 1The Zamzam Foundation has been active in delivering relief in conflict areas. Because conflict and human suffering are deeply intricate, ZAMZAM has started projects aiming at building peace among communities. In partnership with Life & Peace Institute (LPI), the Zamzam Foundation’s conflict transformation programme contributes to reconciliation efforts in three regions in Somalia, namely Middle Shabelle, Hiiran and Galgadud regions of Somalia.

In line with Zamzam Foundation’s guiding principle in empowering communities, the peace building unit adopts an innovative approach to conflict transformation called Participatory Action Research. The approach supports community engagement and empowerment for reconciliation and conflict transformation at the grassroots levels through active participation and inclusion of local stakeholders.

peace 2The aim is to empower opposing parties with research skill about how to analyze complex problems and generate viable solutions in the long-term. These analysis skills will remain an asset to deal with potential future conflicts in a constructive manner and allow them to find sustainable solutions for themselves.

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