Mobile Clinic

Conduct a medical convoy in the city and Nloan and surrounding villages in the province of Lower Shabelle in southern Somalia.

In early April of this year, 2009, he sent Zamzam Foundation Medical full crew and equipment convoy to the city and Nloan Shabelle province of Lower and surrounding villages in order to confront and reduce acute watery diarrhea , which has spread in that region largely a disease where has killed hundreds of people and infected thousands others.

It launched the convoy on Wednesday, the tenth of the month of April morning from the organization 's headquarters in Mogadishu , carrying medicines and equipment , as well as doctors and nurses heading for the disaster area and reached the convoy region at ten in the morning on the same day as the team started work immediately after his arrival in the target area to extend a helping hand to patients and infected with disease acute watery diarrhea , where some of the injured were in critical situations and require urgent treatment .

Action convoy lasted for three days , where a medical team consisting of doctors, nurses and assistants traveled to a number of villages and refugee camps near civilian Nloan Shabelle province of Lower including villages : early , Volala , Ramo Sharif , Aday avian , Dan Cos , Asgad , Aday Bonad managed Amomum through her time of processing about 1,800 patients from all spectrums of people, women , men and children , but the children and the elderly Kanu more categories of beneficiaries of health services that were provided by the convoy.

It should be noted also that the medical team of the convoy work during the period Gaulinh in the target area to sensitize the local population where he presented them with tips and instructions necessary for the prevention of diseases in general and the severe acute watery diarrhea in particular, it has also worked to train some local health workers , leaving them with the amount of drugs to treat Emergency.

This is the convoy from within the medical convoys that used Zamzam Foundation to conduct in areas and remote villages due to the poor sanitary conditions in which where the lowest health services requirements are available , and therefore considered the conduct of medical convoys in those areas most appropriate means to provide medical aid needed by residents those areas.

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