Food Distrubution

Natural disasters such as droughts and floods and successive wars always create distress, displacement, starvation and chaos among the most vulnerable and the weakest communities. In Somalia

Millions of people are currently displaced inside the country and in neighboring countries. According to UN agencies these people are facing humanitarian crisis, including lack and shortage of food and non-food items (NFI) aid.

The Zamzam Foundation, in partnership with various INGOs, provides emergency relief distributions of food and non-food-items (NFI) to the affected and vulnerable people in various parts of Somalia. Since its inception (1992), the Zamzam Foundation, either on its own or in collaboration with several international organizations has alleviated the sufferings of millions of distressed populations by:

- Distributing food and NFI.
- Supplying drinking water.
- Organizing & administering medical convoys.
- Supplying medicine.

As the largest local NGO in Somalia, the volunteers and staff of the Zamzam Foundation have developed the logistical capacity and experience to disseminate emergency relief aid effectively. Do not wait for others to act. Take part – your contributions may end the suffering of people and save lives.

Do not wait for others to act….. take part by contributing resources and positively affecting the lives of thousands of orphans, displaced communities and the vulnerable. Contact us to learn how you can contribute.


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Donate Now!