Social Progress, Stability & Protection

social development1The protection & stability of communities depends on how the communities treat their vulnerable members of that community, like children, the elderly and women. The peace-building program of Zamzam Foundation-Somalia in partnership with Life & Peace Institute (LPI) brought together relief and humanitarian work while opening peaceful dialogue among opposing parties. The core of the project was the promotion of social progress & human rights for all communities while sharing the sustainable resources and new developments in these areas of Somalia.

social development 2The peacebuilding program encourages social development and community interaction. All the relief programs of Zamzam Foundation, including the peacebuilding project focus on improving the lives of local communities, the human rights of the poor and inclusion of minority groups in fair decision making processes on shared responsibilities. Zamzam Foundation’s objectives can only be achieved through peaceful dialogue of communities and respect for each other. By promoting peace at all levels and respect for human rights, that is what makes communities better place for everyone and that what these project has achieved.

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