Employable & Transferrable Skills Training For The Youth

skills 1Consistent with Zamzam Foundation’s mission of reducing and/or eradication of poverty, illiteracy and diseases in the Horn of African country, we are aggressively pursuing ways and means to empower youth with employable and transferrable skills training. We are currently in collaboration with leading Canadian institutions in the machinery and industrializations to help train Somali-Canadian youth in a training of the trainers (TOT) program which we are planning to develop. This transfer of technology training program is intended to empower Somali youth in the Diaspora who are willing and able to transfer knowledge to Somali youth. We believe this will increase employment opportunities at the same time will decrease the number of Somali youth risking their lives in the oceans and deserts in seeking better life.

Zamzam’s Potential Resources:

 ADMINISTRATIVE CAPACITY - Infrastructures (skills training halls and classes) in Somalia
 STRONG CLIENTALE - Potential Somali-Diaspora youth (TOT)
 HIGH NUMBER BENEFICIARIES - Potential youth trainees in Somalia (all over Somalia)
 THE KNOW-HOW - Potential instructors in the Canadian institutions
 MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT - Facilities, machinery and classes in Canadian institutions
 THE PROGRAM - Curriculum and training programs

The target training areas of TOT program include:

 Machinery and industrial
 Carpentry
 Fisheries and fiberglass boats manufacturing
 Agricultural processing machinery and training
 Energy – Biogas etc

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